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For right about  60 or so years, music fans have had allegiances to bands. These allegiances became a community. And these communities became a tribe. Despite the evolution of time; the climate of the venue; the range in age, or the flavor of band they followed — all of those who were part of their specific community had one thing in common with those who preceded, and all those who would follow — the grilled cheese

The grilled cheese represented a breaking of bread among those who came from all corners of the world. The grilled cheese, along with the music, was a common bond. A customary currency.  

It is in this spirit of currency and the vibe only a music community can create — that we give you CHEEZ.


Building Beats believe in using students’ passion for music as a pathway to build entrepreneurial skills.  Becoming a DJ or producer reinforces the same skills needed to run a business, become a leader, and change the world. We envision a world where everyone can realize their creative potential and use it to make a difference in their community. We partner with organizations and programs that share this vision. We’re Building Life Skills by Building Beats. [ ]

DanceSafe is a 501(c)(3) public health organization promoting health and safety within the nightlife and electronic music community. Founded in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1998 by Emanuel Sferios, DanceSafe quickly grew into a national organization with chapters in cities across North America. [ ]


CHEEZ is proud to partner with these artists for custom CHEEZ Art NFT drops coming soon!

R.Marx is an Independent Artist living in the North Woods of New Hampshire 
who works in the Music and Cannabis industry.

Custom RFI Token


CHEEZ token is a custom RFI token which brings unique music and art NFTs to the Ethereum BlockChain. CHEEZ token has an 8% fee per transaction which rewards all holders instantly. CHEEZ tokenomics provide 3% dividends per transaction to holders, 3% to non profit organization partners and 2% to dev/marketing. CHEEZ is designed to maximize profits and gamify giving.

Working with all nonprofits, and some in the music sector. We will be curating the NFT merchandise experience with art, music events and nonprofit auctions of music-related merchandise, tangible and NFTs non-fungible tokens. Over time the CHEEZ token will be adapted and accepted as a universal token within the communities of music and patronage.

NFT Drops

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CHEEZ Token Contract Address: 0xf490c1938e9ee48b5b1125ee2d5f710452c0c0aa
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Here is little info to help you get some CHEEZ. You will need to have an existing account that holds ETH. You can use APPS like Coinbase.

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